Demonstration of proficiency for program 'Retail Mockshop'. Created during the ODU Spring Semester of 2019, this hypothetical store was created for demonstration of knowledge in cross merchandising, focal points, and market trends. Cross merchandising features brands Saturdays NYC, Aime Leon Dore, APC Paris, Le Labo Fragrances, and Retro Super Future Sunglasses with a signature coffee shop located in the back of the store as a focal point to drive traffic throughout the whole store as well as adhere to the new food trend being utilized in the retail industry to add onto customer experience.

On March 20, 2019. I assisted with store manager and owner on creating visual displays for Commonwealth’s new flagship location in Virginia Beach. The desired achieved goal was to organize the products in a way that would lead the consumer around the whole store. This included establishing a shoe wall on the right side of the store, creating sections for accessories on island counters, and organizing clothes based on season > brands > price point >.