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"Clean shots bro 🔥" - Kurt Tulud (Stadium Goods store supervisor)

"Sh*ts Incredible, You legit." - Darien Bruze (Global Concert Merchandise Designer / Culture Enthusiast)

"Stunning." - DJ Wang (NYC based Fashion Designer)

"So Good!" - Patrick Diokno (Photographer for Commonwealth_PH)

"GREAT photos. GREAT!" -Marissa Dorsey (fitness consultant)

"These are dope!!!" - Geoff Nishimoto (designer/special projects for Dr Martens)

"Love these!! Thank you!!" - Lizzie Turner (Virginia Beach based model)

"They look so good, i'm glad you had creative direction on this" - Paige Joiner (Singer/Songwriter)

Pics are amazing bro thank you! - Vandythepink

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